Warren W. Hogan (Actor)

    Warren as Big Steve in "Kill Whitey"

     all photos courtesy (C) of  Film 1 Studios


  Warren in Full Make-up from the movie 

     "DeMon" 2007  (C)  Film 1 Studios


  Doug Diggs does an indepth webzine interview with multi-Award winning Actor  Warren W. Hogan in April 2010.  Mr. Hogan is already a seasoned B- list Actor and has appeared in more than 25 feature films including extra roles up to Lead roles, working with Burt Reynolds, Kris Kristofferson and Award winning Independant Movie Maker and Director David Daze.  Mr. Hogan is also an Exc. Producer for Film 1 Studios and has also appeared on several movie posters, (pictured to the left). Warren W. Hogan has proven himself to be  a Tour-De-Force in the Independant film Production Bussiness.


Stage Name? Warren W. Hogan

Place Born ? Louisville KY

Favorite Sport? Wrestling

Eye Color ? Green

Years in Acting? 4

How did you Study to become an Actor? I just learned, it came natural for me

Who are your Idols ? Hulk Hogan, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Segal

Your an award winning actor, for what role(s) ? and where did you recieve your award(s) ? (I played Carl the killer in the horror movie (DeMon) and I was the Lead Role of Quentin Rodriques in the horror film (The Spook Movie) and it was at the 2009 International Haunted Horror Film Festival.

When did you catch the acting bug? What age ? and Was it from  watching a movie or TV show? In 1977 I was 13 yrs old and It was'nt from a TV show or movie.

Who is your favorite Directors? why are they your favorites? and what actors or actresses do you most look up to? Sam Rami, George Lucas, Ron Howard, James Camaron, Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola, I  love their style  of directing  and Angelina Jollie, Tom Cruise,  Sylvester Stallone have influenced me the most as actors.

As an actor what roles do you enjoying playing the most? and in  what types of films? I prefer lead Roles in Horror films and Action films. but will work any character I am cast as.

What would be your dream role to do in a film? And with what other actor or actress would you like working with?   To get a lead role in a big budget horror film and have the chance to work with Angelina Jolie, Jim Carrie, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stalone, Jackie Chan

  How did you get your start acting in films? What year? What was your first role and in what film ? And how did you enjoy the process of film Production? I auditioned in a big budget film in 1977 which starred Burt Reynolds, called Semi-Tough.  It was fun working with Kris Kristofferson and Burt Reynolds).

As an Award winning Actor Mr. Hogan how do you take on a role when cast in a film? Do you research the character? Do you imerse yourself into the role? I take any role I am given seriously and do study the role deeply.

Working on the various movie projects, which Director has influenced you the most? and for what reasons? Director David Daze, he is great to work with!

Mr. Hogan what types of character roles have you portrayed in movies thus far?  And which has been your most memroable role to date?  I played Sheriff Big Hoss, in the western film (The Gunfighters Last Stand),  I was Carl  the killer,  in the  horror film (Demon) , (Quentin Rodriqus in, The SpookMovie) , Charlie Humdinger in a Horror Comedy called (Horrorville) but my most memorable role was as (Quentin Rodriqus in The Spook Movie) because it was my first leading villian role. 

 As an Award winng Actor, which actors or actresses have been the  most notable to work with in your film roles? And for what reasons?  David Daze,  Sandra Ghost,  Alex Chill,  Willis E.  Smith.  Their good friends and GREAT Actors! 

As an Award winning Actor Mr. Hogan, can you give any advice to the struggling actors out there trying to make their mark in the entertainment bussiness?  How should they pursue their choices in picking roles and working with film projects ? working with a good Director? How should they prepare themselves when they arrive on set? When approached by an unknown Director what advice can you give them before accepting a role offered to them?  Take roles your offered and make the best of them, don't be to picky about roles and if you've been fortunate enough to work with a good established Director, respect him be positive and do what "THE DIRECTOR SAYS" and not anyone else on set, unless the Director says to.  Always be and stay positive when filmming it helps the whole production flow better. If an unknown Director approaches you,.....always ask for his previous work history, because there are a lot of fakes and wannbees out there who will end up wasting your valuable career time.  They are easy to spot on set because they are the ones bragging about how great they are, and how great their work is, but can't show you any finished work to back it up. They are the guys working the flea markets or selling short films from the trunk of their cars, These guys will always show up on production sets........just learn to ignore them, or they will end up wasting your time. Belive me a good solid established Director can always back up his work with a feature film or two and will gladly show his work off. 

 As an Award winning Actor where do you see yourself and career ten years from now in the industry? And as your success grows will you give back to the community? And just for a journalistic curve ball, whats your thoughts on the war in Iraq and the soldiers fighting it? Well, I see myself doing bigger productions,  and of course I will give back to the community that supported me and on the war , I don't like it , but if it keeps our freedom it's o.k. with me.

    - Warren W. Hogan, Apr. 2010