Lilith Stabs  (Actress)

     Talented,  Sexy and Sultry Ms. Stabs is a perfect cut of  the classic mold of the B-movie scream queen. Ms  Stabbs has appeared in several Independant Horror movies and has been featured on movie posters as well. (pictured on the left)  Doug Diggs does a indepth webzine interview with this stunning beauty and B-movie Actress Ms. Lilith Stabs.

 Name ?  Lilith Stabs

Hometown ?  Buffalo, NY

Place Grew Up?  Atlanta, Ga.

Whats your favorite Place to Visit?  I always enjoy traveling new places, no real fav.

Your Favorite Color?   Bloody crimson  red

Favorite Sport?  The indoor kind

Your Eye Color?  Almost black

Whats your favorite kind of Music?  I love all kinds but 80s music, alternative, pop, industrial and rock n' roll are my favs.

Are you Married or Single?  Getting married in October to my one and only true love.

Where did you attend School?   In the Atlanta, Ga. area when I cared to attend.

Whats your favorite Movie(s) ?  Donnie Darko 2) Night of 1000 Corspes 3) Fraility

Whats your Favorite TV Shows ?  Bewitched,  Dexter , Seinfield

Who are your Idols ? And why are they your idols?  Anna Nicole She is my idol cause she got the money and died pretty.

How long have you been filmming movies?   Since 98 so that's , 12 years now.

What motivated or influenced you to become an actress?  I wanted to since I was a child. Then did not do much about for awhile but once I set my mind to do it everything fell into place fairly quickly.

 How did you get your start making films?   I did a little networking and attended some conventions to meet the people I knew were making these kind of flicks (b-horror stuff).

 How old were you when you made your first feature film? And what was the Title of that film?  28 ,  Vampire Callgirls

How many feature films have you already completed? What Genres? And what were the Titles?  I think its over 20 now, Horror, dark comedy, drama but not all were starring roles,  some were supporting roles. At times I like the supporting roles better, than I can be the girl in the movie that you are waiting and looking forward to showing up again.  The Titles,  Vampire Callgirls,  Demonatrix,  Cremains,  Malefic,  Severe Injuries,  Zombiegeddon, Deadly Stingers, Bad Movie Police series,  Demon Divas,  Something to Scream About, etc.

Who has been the most notable person so far to work with?   Not really sure. There have been some people well known in the b-movie scene. But other work  I've done other than b-movie stuff may have had me workng with more wel know people. Like hosting punk rock shows or some acting  I've done in and around Hollywood.


As an accomplished Actress, whats your take on working with other Actors?  have you worked with any known stars?   If so how was the experince? who were the stars?  For the most part my experiences have been pretty positive. I like working with friends in the biz as well as working with entirely new people too.  Known in the b-horror and convention circut sure. To name a few of those: Brinke Stevens, J.R. Bookwalter, Robyn Griggs, etc.

Which Directors have influenced you the most?  did they influence you?  I don't let others influence me that much. I love David Lynch films though.

What Actors have influenced you the most?  and for what reasons?   I love Marlyn Monroe, Elizabeth Montgomery, And as far as more modern actresses I like Liz Hurley. The reasons I like them is they have two key elements I admire in an actress talent and beauty.

Can you tell us what makes Lilith Stabs the actress tick? and what do you enjoy doing when not making films?  Coffee,  Lots of things really some good examples of what I enjoy are: writing, photography and photo editing, shopping, painting, watching movies with my bunnies, spending lots and lots of quality time with my husbunny.

Are you an activist?  if so what organizations do you work with?  Sort of.... for bunny rabbits.  I don't work with any organization, I would if they wanted me to do something for rabbits. I try to let people know about how bunny rabbits end up each year as Easter presents and the end results for the bunny are usually not good ones.


 As an actress which genres of film do you prefer to work in the most , Horror?Comedy?Drama?Action?  I love horror and comedys the best,  I have enough drama in my life! But then that should make me a prefect actress to star in dramas since my life has pretty much been like role research. Those can be great roles to play, if the role is a good one.

 Whats your own take of the filmaking process?  Is it hard work?  is it easy? a struggle?  a pleasure?  I really don't enjoy it all that much to be honset, I look forward to the end product. That is what its all about for me.  It can be a bit hard when working in the low budget stuff, because you are so pressed to get things done really quickly and that usually means long hours.  At times the roles are pretty fun and easy. Only the long hours and the fact that I usually cannot sleep when I am working on someone elses schedule. So that means I've actually stayed awake for very, very long periods of time. And I don't take drugs so its really difficult at times, coffee only helps so much. When working with friends, its a pleaure.

 What do you enjoy most about making films?  What I am finding myself enjoying the most is when I get projects that I can film  the footage myself and just send it in. I love the control and not having to be on someones time schedule.

Ms. Stabs as an accomplished actress can you give any advice to the upcoming actresses/actors trying to scratch out their own way into the Media Spotlight?  Working with other actors?  Get yourself in order, image is important, decide how you want to be precieved and make yourself into what you want to,  looks and a nice sounding name is a good start. Then make sure you have good photos they go a long way with the self promotion . Then do alot of networking with the right people in the right places. Be willing to accept that not everyone will like you, but be nice to them anyway if working with them. There are alot of jealous territorial people who like to keep others from working so they can protect their turf and get the parts, but don't let it get you down there are always more roles to go around. I know all this from experiences.

Advice on the process of making a feature film, thru your own experiences? and can you give any advice to the Actors working with Directors?  Filming can be hard work, but like I said to me the end product is what I like. I am planning on starting to shoot my own projects. Each year I have several projects I'm offered fall though due others not having enough of a budget or other problems. So it seems if I desire to keep working and get roles I'm deserving of I'm at the point where I need to shoot my own stuff, I'm rather looking forward to this.  Be nice and do your role the best you can you might want to work on future projects with the same director. Alot of these directors use the same actors over and over again so this can bring alot of future work your way.

 Lastly Ms. Stabs where do you see yourself ten years from now as an actress?  Still making movies?  Well, like I mentioned I want to start shooting my own stuff. If that works out then great. If not, I'm not counting myself out of others flicks, it  just does not happen as offen as I'd like to be working. And Quite possibly still making movies.

Do you have any new films in the works?  And just as a journalistic curve ball, Whats your take on tigers?  I'm writing for some things I want t shoot. I do have a script I'm reviewing as well and I'm doing a segement I'm filming for someone elses project. So I keep busy. And on Tigers, They are quite beautiful. But I don't think my bunnies would be very nice to a tiger.

                    -Lilith Stabs, May. 2010