Diggs, B-Roll Actors

   B- Actors, like B-movies have always been and will always be the staple of  Hollywood, almost any A-list celebrity started his/her  career as a B-List Actor,  lo-budget films have spawned the careers of  thousands of  well know Hollywood Celebrites. Eva Longoria, Robert DeNiro, Vince Vaughn, Al Pacino, Kevin Bacon,  Tom Cruise, Ralph Machio, David Carradine, Jamie Lee Curtis,  Harrison Ford just to name a few,  I always find myself  intrigued by this,  with the same flip of the coin,  many B-list Actors have also remained so thruout their entire movie careers  like Linnea Quigley and Debbie Rochon.  Its always amazed me to read up on some major Hollywood player just to find they started or starred in some little off the shelf  indie flick.  Fact is almost all of  Hollywood's  major  players,  not just actors but producers and directors as well have their backbones cut from B-list movies.   Sad thing is, often times they deny having a history tied to some indie flick out floating around the world.  My question has always been why?  When I started my webzine I wanted to spotlight as many B-list actors as possible for many reasons,  the biggest being just to give credits to the new up and coming actors and the seasoned actors who have endured a long running B-list career .  I watch indie and independant films all the time and sometimes I am quite impressed with the acting performances , I've seen B-list actors give a helluva better performance in an Independant film than than some of the major players in A-list productions.