Michael E. Brown  (actor)

          Actor  Michael E. Brown on Horseback

                  from the "Batlle of Atlanta"

        "photo courtesy of  Michael E. Brown "


    Michael Brown pictured on horseback onset

          "The Battle Of Antietam 2006"

        "photo courtesy of  Michael Brown"


   I caught a glimpse of this actor on a movie trailer sent to me by Movie Maker David Daze,  I later saw an advanced (20 min) trailer of the same movie "The Gunfighters Last Stand" and was completely blown away with this guys (Michael E. Brown) performance thru-out the movie.  Director David Daze refered to him as a mix between John Wayne and Sam Elliot  and said  proudly he is THE FUTURE OF AMERICAN western films,  His performance in the film looks brilliant and I can see the point Mr. Daze was making, as he said Michael is signed with me for a few western films and a Civil War epic,  I will be shooting later this year. Based on a story by Mr. Brown himself  titled "Mygursville".  My take on Mr. Brown is simple, a man with chiseled good looks and a stunning actor with a style and flare you rarely see on screen today.  And I think his future in Movies, be it westerns or not  is looking Pretty dam good .

Name or Stage Name? Michael E. Brown    

Place Born ? Toccoa Georgia

Favorite Sport? Don't have a favorite sport.

Eye Color ? Blue

Years in Acting?  8

How did you Study to become an Actor?  Nick Conti's Professional Actor's Studio  

When did you catch the acting bug? What age were you? Was it from watching a movie or TV show? I wanted to act from childhood, after watching Raw Hide on TV, but did not get the opportunity until 2000 when I worked on some films for the National Park service.  

Who is your favorite Directors, and why are they your favorites? What actors or actresses do you most look up to? My favorite director would be Brad Graham.  Favorite actors; John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Robert Redford. 

As an actor what roles do you enjoying playing the most? and in what types of films? what would be your dream role to do in a film? I enjoy playing the villain, it gives an opportunity to play a character who is completely opposite of the real me.  Westerns and films from the 1800's is what I enjoy the most.  Dream Role, One that shows a character who is totally evil in one since and passionate and venerable in another, showing a wide range colors. 

 And with what other actor or actress would you like working with? I don't have a preference of who I'm with in a film, I simply enjoy acting. 

  Michael E. Brown pictured ( center) onset

  as Sidney Johnson, Battlefield Detectives

How did you get your start acting in films? What year? What was your first role? And in what film? And how did you enjoy the process or learn anything about the whole process of Production?

I have worked on several small productions for the N. P. S. about several Civil War battles in Spotsylvania VA.  In 2003 I was General McCausland in "No Retreat from Destiny"  and a union cavalryman in  "Soldiers All".    I enjoy everything about the process of film work from the construction of sets, to mapping out scenes, drawing story boards, to the acting in front of the camera. 

As an actor how do you take on a role when cast in a film, do you research the character any? Actors often say they become the character they are cast as, Do you imerse yourself into the character as well?

Back ground on the person or the character is vital along with the general knowledge of the time period of the film.  Along with research and mental preparation for the type of character I will portray.  The more information I have as to what is expected the better I can come across as that character.  Yes I do try to immerse myself into the character.

Working on various movie projects, which Director has influenced you the most? and for what reasons?

That is a difficult question.  I would have to say Brad Graham from  "Media Magic" has influenced me.   David Daze from  "Film Studio 187" has also been an inspiration.   They have two different styles of directing yet are able to get the performance needed for a scene. 

Mr. Brown what types of character roles have you portrayed in movies thus far, and which has been your most memroable role to date? (your favorite). For what reasons?   I portrayed an officer in battle "No Retreat From Destiny"  The hard fast action of giving orders and directing an army. It was a small roll but memorable for its quick action. A private soldier " BO" in the confederate army after the battle of Shiloh who is still in shock from all the death and destruction has seen  "Crossroads".  It showed the before and after of men who were excited about going in to battle and shock and realization of the suffering they had witnessed as they came out of a bloody battle.

The outlaw - gunfighter "Colt Rivers" in "The Gunfighters Last Stand" who trails the men who murdered POW's from his command in the Civil War.   This was a fast action hard hitting type of film.  He had seen it all in a hard fought war where many of his friends were killed and was simply out for revenge and showed no mercy for anyone.  My inspiration for this character was Doc. Holiday. 

A bounty hunter in a film about the "Underground Railroad"   On set the character tracked down his prey without mercy.  Then between scenes off camera I was giving pony rides to the children of the people I was chasing and capturing in the scenes.    

As an accomplished actor, which actors or actresses have been the most notable to work with in your film roles? And for what reasons? was there any one that you really enjoyed working with?  I would say John Neely and Don Wycherley are the two actors who are the most notable I've worked with on "Clear the Way"  They are quite the inspiration to watch when they are front of the camera.  Frankly there are few people I have been around in this business that I have not enjoyed working with.

As an award winning actor Mr. Brown , can you give any advice to the struggling actors out there trying to make their mark in the entertainment bussiness? How should they pursue their choices in picking roles and working with Directors? When approached by an unknown Director what advice can you give them before accepting a role offered to them? How should they react to a director during filmming? How should they prepare themselves when coming to the sets? What type of attitude should they bring with them? And lastly how should they react to the media who may eventually confront them for roles they have performed be it good or bad publicity? should they take it to heart? Blow it off? Lash out?

Caution when approached by an unknown director.  Everyone should have a principal of what they will and will not do.  Find out up front what is expected, don't be shy about asking.  When signing a contract take a day or so to review it.  If you pressured to sign, take it as a warning there is something underhanded going on.  During the filming follow directions.  The more involved a person in when a scene is being set up the easier it is to get into character and be mentally ready on "Action".  Look, observe, and practice.  Always have a positive attitude and work to improve, never be satisfied.  Don't worry about the media, take nothing to heart.  Do your best, focus on what you have to do and don't pay any attention to what someone else is doing or saying. 

Ive been told by many Independant actors that some (actors) may show up on a movie set with poor or just bad attiudes? Does this have any adverse affects on  you while trying to perform your job on set? And how would you handle the situation? I ve been told by a number of Independant actors and producers that the economy has put a harsh toll on independant productions has it affected you in film production any way?


It is very difficult not to be drawn into a mood set of someone who has a negative or bad attitude.  There are times that you have to remind yourself that it does not matter what someone else does.  I only have to answer for what I do.  I try to surround myself with positive people.  no matter how uptight I may be inside I want a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere around me.   I do a lot of work with horses and I'm constantly talking to them calmly in an effort to help them relax as much as possible before a scene.   I have had others who were riding tell me it actually helped them relax so they could focus on their roll in the scene. Yes the economy has affected the number of films I have worked in over the last couple years.  There is fewer films and more competition.  But you can not survive in this business without thinking positive and looking forward to the next role.

As an accomplished actor where do you see yourself and career ten years from now in the industry? And as your success grows will you give back to the community? And just for a journilistic curve ball,  whats your thoughts on dolphins? 

 In 10 years I see myself performing continuously.  I do this for the love of the work and the art of the profession.  I defiantly try to give back to the community a little something each year by preserving historical sights through pin and ink drawings of places as they looked years ago.   I drew Duluth Georgia as it looked in 1945 then watched the joy on the faces of the people who remembered it back then.

                               -Michael E. Brown, May 2010