Magdalèna Alina Kalley,  (actress)

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   Magdalèna Alina Kalley, this German actress is a complete bombshell with the most beautiful striking blue eyes you have ever seen! Born in Hamberg Germany,   Magdalèna Alina Kalley has been an actress and dancer most of her life and has starred in several feature films and musicals, as well as apperaing on several movie posters (pictured on the left), I first caught her in Director Timo Roses sadistic horror film, "Game Over". And found her  to be a completely stunning actress! In her role she plays a sadistic badazz bitch who takes no prisnors and is as beautiful and ruthless as it comes.  Magdalèna Alina Kalley, is a shining example of  a talented and beautiful B-movie starlett!


Name? Magdalèna Alina Kalley
Hometown ? Hamburg, Germany
Place Grew Up? Blackforest, Germany and Warsaw, Poland
Whats your favorite Place to Visit? Maledives, L.A., TelAviv
Your Favorite Color? PINK (i know...)
Favorite Sport? Jet-ski and horse riding
Your Eye Color? light blue
Whats your favorite kind of Music? Rock, Pop, Classic, Jazz
Are you Married or Single? in a relationship
Where did you attend School? Stage School of music dance and drama
Whats your favorite Movie(s)?  V for Vendetta, The life of David Gale, The Pianist
Whats your Favorite TV Shows?  DEXTER!!
What type of actress are you? 
Im actually a musical actress but also shooting movies and playing theatre.
Who are your Idols and why are they your idols? My Mum cause shes so strong so lovely and sooo good.
The actress Laura Linney because she acts so natural and beautiful.

How long have you been filmming movies? What motivated or influenced you to become an actress? How did you get your start making films? How old were you when you made your first feature film? And what was the Title of that film? At 16 Years I started to study performing arts at the Stage School in Hamburg Germany. Later I took some acting clases at the Stella Adler Academy, and dancing lessons at the Pinapple Studios London. My Parents were both musicians, so it wasnt far away for me to follow their way. As I finshed School, I began to audition.  First I got Jobs as a Dancer & Singer in "Phantom of the Opera" or "Grease" more in the Musicals. Later a very bad knee accident made me look out for more acting stuff. I auditioned for my first movie called "UNCUT!". Its a Horrormovie.  I got the second lead role which was really evil, crazy and hard to play. I loved it!  The Director told me, that playing sick bitches and evil characters is MY thing.
And thats how it began...
How many feature films have you already completed, what Genres? And what were the Titles? Have you had any starring roles in any of the films you have worked on? and whats the titles ?
Well as I said I started 2008 with "UNCUT!" directed by Frank W. Montag (who also did "Slasher"), then in 2009 "La petite Mort" directed by Marcel Waltz, then "Game Over" directed by Mister Timo Rose who also did "Barricade", "Unrated- the Movie", "Violent Shit 4.0" by Andreas Schnaas and Timo Rose and "Necronos-Tower of Doom" directed by Marc Rohnstock. All the roles were mostly leading roles, Most of them were either Horror or Thriller. "Unrated" and "Violent Shit 4.0" were funsplatter. Besides that I did a lot of Music Clips where I played the main character, I did a Summer Reality TV Show but also some Commercial Spots for TV and Internet.

Magdalèna Alina Kalley ( left), stars opposite Debbie Rochon in "Game Over"

Who has been the most notable person so far to work with? and  for what reasons?

Thats of course is Timo Rose. "Game Over" was a big piece of work for me.  He really worked hard with me, to get me into the sick character I had to play.
Hes is very patient and sensual as a director.  Thats what I love. And when we started to shoot "Unrated" we both found out that there was more than just a sympathy............
There was love!!

Then as second Sonya Rima from Colombia. She was my Jazz teacher while I was studying. I was talented, but not really good at dancing. I thought i will never make it. But she believed in me, and created the best dancer i could be.

   Magdalèna Alina Kalley onset complete with Special effects make-up, and with Director Timo Rose

As an accomplished Actress, whats your take on working with other Actors? have you worked with any known stars? If so how was the experince? Till now, I had really brilliant experiences with other actors and actresses. Of course you cannot always build up a true friendship, but in most cases I stay in contact with the people or im even good friends with them. I loved to work with Debbie Rochon, Nicola Fiore and Raine Brown. But also with some brilliant german actors and actresses. Im also really excited to meet Mike Mendez and Joe Davison which agreed to take part in "Barricade 2".
Which Directors have influenced you the most?  and why did they influence you? What Actors have influenced you the most? and for what reasons?

As I told you I looove Laura Linney. Shes so pure and real.  Shes absolutely authentic in what she does and how she acts. Then we have Alan Rickmann! Hes a genious! I love his british humour and his minimalistic way of acting that always catches me. Then James Wood from Texas, he was my staging director at the musical school.  He`s a brilliant Classical Singer but also an awesome director. He took alot out of me, and always gave me the feeling, that i should hold on to my dreams.
Can you tell us what makes Magey the actress tick?  and what do you enjoy doing when not making films? Music, Sex and Rock`n Roll :-))) ,And food, my god i loooove eating! and of course dancing.  it`s my passion, and i could never live without it.  Then my 3 sweet animals. I have 2 Kitties and a little Dog with Timo. We are like a little family.
Are you an activist? if so what organizations do you work with? YES. Im working for PETA. Because animals are so important to save and love.
As an actress which genres of film do you prefer to work in the most? Whats your own take of the filmaking process? What do you enjoy most about making films?
I love horror movies, cause i love to play the bad one. It shows another side of me. But also"Violent Shit 4.0" where i had a lot of action and fight scenes was awesome. I think i cannot decide what i prefer. i simply love all kinds of movies.

Ms. Magey as an accomplished actress can you give any advice to the upcoming actresses/actors trying to scratch out their own way into the Media Spotlight? Any advice for them starting up? Working with other actors? Advice on the process of making a feature film, thru your own experiences? and can you give any advice to the Actors working with Directors?
Just believe in yourself, take as many classes as you can, be disciplined. work hard. fight for your dream And try out things,  dont be afraid to start something new or unknown. And always be true to yourself.

 Lastly Ms. Magey,  where do you see yourself ten years from now as an actress? Still making movies? Do you have any new films in the works? And just as a journalistic curve ball, Whats your take on elephants?

In ten years -I hope- im sitting in my little nice house in L.A. having a delicious lunch with Mister Rose, then make myself ready to go to work, which would be actually a veeeery biiiig filmset somewhere in Hollywood. hehe :-)))

Oh and Elephants... I love them...I should have one, because I always forget things!


                                    -Magdalèna Alina Kalley, May 2010