Hollywood Rockstars Magazine's 2010 Top 6 Independant Movie Makers

   Hollywood Rockstars Magazine Quest for the Top six Independant Movie Makers, in this exclusive webzine series Doug  Diggs  spotlights some of today's TOP  Independant movie making trendsetters.

  With the explosion of indie and independant movies in recent years, Doug Diggs spent the better part of fourteen months researching the internet to find the TOP 6 independant Movie Makers for 2010 and with this exclusive, here they are. These are the hottest, and best cutting edge Movie Makers hitting the entertainment market today. These Film Makers did'nt start out with huge studio backing on their movie projects, yet they defied Hollywood's underdog status, generation-X and a host of critics by scratching out movies with nothing more than a little pot luck, a lot of hard work and simply put, busting their asses to churn out some good solid entertaining Independant movies, that have both entertained and enlightened us. These guys come from all walks of life and with completely different backgrounds and the cool thing about each of these new Generation-X  Independant Movie Makers is how they have let most of us know and keep up to date and watch, as their virgin movie making careers have blossomed via the new age of the INTERNET , working various indie websites, myspace, facebook, twitter, and their own websites these five filmakers are todays top Independant Movie Makers and tommrows top headliners who will eventually leave their mark on Hollywoods Lnfamous Walk of Fame, just as a young Roger Corman, George Lucas or  George Romero did many years prior. These little known Independant Movie Makers are the cream of the crop and have already started to carve out their paths into Hollywoods film making venue and already have quite a few stories to tell from their movie making expolits. Now how and why did all come about you ask? The Quest to find, "Hollywood Rockstars Magazine's Top 6 Independant Movie Makers of 2010, first Diggs found the Movie Makers themselves by scanning their own websites, youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter, IMDB, Independant movie resource sites like DEAD HARVEY, Polley Staffle, WILD SOUND and tons of other film festivals and B-movie Review sites, armed with a start-up list of over 100 Indie and Independant filmakers The Quest was to first, set the standard for the TOp 6 Movie Makers for 2010, Diggs searched for five Elements in his Quest for Hollywood Rockstars Magazines  TOP 6 , Independant Movie Makers of 2010. The final 6 had to meet and qualify for the final Goal, with number one....giving the most bang for the buck, (with the most films) and pound for movie making pound, packing the most punch (being the most inovative) the bottom line being, (the criteria each filmaker had to meet) are listed below.

# 1 Chrisma, this relates to Openess and approachability which relates to --->marketablity which is needed to be a successful Movie Maker, quite a few filmakers met their doom by just being unapproachable.

# 2  Sustainability, being able to make feature films consistantly over a period of time,  this one element alone set the pace of the Quest by eleminating many of the filmakers who  had less than two projects out over a seven year period. It also elimenated the FLUKES or one hit wonders.

# 3  Determination, --->  equals finished projects, and with Budgets of less than 1 million U.S. Dollars , with No Studio Backing for their projects. These Movie Makers found-a-way and got their projects finished.

# 4  Entertainment Value, meaning a good quality film that is entertaining  to watch which relates to ---> $ product sales

# 5 Success in Achievement, in this day and age any good Movie Maker has a chance to win an award somewhere for their work thru numerous venues, including Film Festivals and even have a chance at successful reviews on their work by submitting their projects to review sites, which are numerous on the internet.


* QUICK NOTE,  If you read over the Interviews of the TOP 6 Hollywood Rockstars Movie Makers you will notice the simularites they often share in their answers. Its uncanny! or maybe its proof great minds work-a-like!


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Websites used :







dread central.com
















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