Nicola Fiore  (actress/model)

           "all photos courtesy of Nicola Fiore"


               "photo courtesy of Jeff Black"


Nicola Fiore is one hottttt Ticket rite now in the Horror B movie industry, already appearing in over 20+ feature films and with a strong background rich in acting and entertainment this little lady just flat out RoCks! She has the face of an angel and the body of a greek goddess theres no wonder why Movie Makers and Directors want to work with her and I even want to work with her and I'm not even a filmaker!  Nicola Fiore to me can be summed up in just one glorius word that screams DAMMMMMMMM!  She has appeared on a whole list of Radio shows across the nation and has been featured on Movie Posters,  and Print work everywhere.  Not only is she a great actress but also a stunning model.  Nicola has won multipule Awards including best scream queen and this was the interview I was working my azz off to score!


Name ? -Nicola Fiore

Hometown ?- New York, NY

Place Grew Up?- born in Green Bay,WI. Lived in Sarasota, FL & New York City

Whats your favorite Place to Visit? -  I live in my favorite place! New York City

Your Favorite Color? - black

Favorite Sport? - kickboxing

Your Eye Color? -brown

Whats your favorite kind of Music? -I listen to different music depending on my mood.

Are you Married or Single? - I am engaged

Where did you attend School? - Sarasota, FL

Whats your favorite Movie(s) ? -  Thelma & Louise, Cinema Paradiso, Suspiria

Idols -Bjork, Lily Taylor, Lucille Ball

Any Awards Nicola? "best scream queen" 2009 for "Game Over" at the International Haunted Horror Fest.

How long have you been filmming movies, what motivated or influenced you to become an actress? How did you get your start making films? How old were you when you made your first feature film, and what was the Title of that film?

I attended film school at my community college and worked as a projectionist when I was 18. That is when I met my friend Chris who had a love of horror and taught me the ropes and showed me my first Fangoria magazine. He wrote a script called "The 12th Victim" where I played Laurie Parks who is indeed the 12th victim. We made another one a few years later called "A Shadow Over Bales Hill" which won 3rd place at the film forum.

How many feature films have you already completed, in what Genres? And what were the Titles? have you had any starring roles in any of the films you have worked on? and whats the titles ?

It is hard to count how many really. Around 20 mostly in the horror genre. I did just complete a musical "Mr Bricks: a Heavy Metal Murder Musical" where I am actually singing which is something I swore I would never do. I play one of the leads named Scarlet. Last year I did "Ms. Cannibal Holocaust" where I play one of the leads who is called "The Woman' . There is also an interactive project I did called "Chuckle's Revenge" where you get to help choose the fate of my character "Kristin" and her friends. "Game Over" was shot in Germany with Timo Rose who is one of my favorite filmmakers. Starring opposite Debbie Rochon and Raine Browne and a solid cast of great German actors was such an amazing experience.

Who has been the most notable person so far to work with?

I am forever grateful for having worked with so many wonderful people. Debbie Rochon was the first person I worked with in the horror world back in 2007 on "For Christ's Sake". She is a very passionate person and artist and has inspired so many people she has worked with. When she said I did a good take, I believed it! And when she encouraged me to give the business a try, I did.

                         -Nicola Fiore, April 2010