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  Growing up in a small town called Rockford  in Canada (population 500 people) is'nt so much different as growing up in small town U.S.A.  Unless you can account for 21 ft high snow banks! And being lucky enough to attend high school with the likes of one blue eyed bombshell starlett on the rise like Jessica Cameron who just happened to be Captain of her cheer leading squad and  who enjoyed being very expressive with her clothing to say the least, so expressive that her own high school principal even remembers her for her high school debates and expressive clothing! why could'nt I have been so lucky to have attended her high school!  Jessica sees no point in being shy and is always the life of the party, she was often told she was a "Big City Girl" . But at heart  she is your typical small town girl who enjoys watching movies, playing poker, hangin with family and friends and paint ballin!  She likes walking and loves to visit L.A. She says the entertainment business in Canada is a little different than the U.S. but loves it all the same. Canada has given us folks here in the good ol' U.S. a few really sharp and really talented stars like Pamela Anderson and now we have a whole new star on the rise and she is a beautiful  talented canadian actress and lady named Jessica Cameron. And belive me folks...........she is 100% all canadian blueyed BOMBSHELL!  And after our brief interview I had to take a long cold shower! ........its actually now a rare thing to hear a phrase like this, but I honestly found this Little Lady of Canada...........very, very enchanting!

Name or stage name? Jessica Cameron
Hometown ? Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
Place Grew Up? Owen Sound and North Bay, both in Ontario, Canada (If you are wondering where they are, just think REALLY REALLY FAR NORTH!)
Whats your favorite Place to Visit? LA
Your Favorite Color? HOT PINK (The hotter, the better!)
Favorite Sport? Cheer leading (YES it is a sport, if you do not believe me then go try it and get back to me!)
Your Eye Color? Blue.  So blue that some people are convinced they are fake, but alas they are real ; )
Whats your favorite kind of Music? Rock, pop and top 40 (I know, I know)
Are you Married or Single? Single (happily and by choice)
Where did you attend School? I went to Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. I studied fashion design...
Whats your favorite Movie(s) ? Natural Born Killers ,American Beauty, Reefer Madness - The Movie Musical
Whats your Favorite TV Shows ? Nip Tuck (So sad that it is over), Sopranos (even more sad that it is over), Entourage (yay - it is still on the air)
  Who are your Idols? and why? Idols is such an odd word...3 people whose career paths I admire are:
- Eli Roth - I love his films and his attitude. He has worked very hard to get to where he is and I admire his journey. He has been making films since he was 8 years that is passion and drive!
- January Jones - Her ability to morph into a character is impressive and I appreciate the wide range of characters that she has played.
- Sarah Polley - not only is she  a great actress but she has managed to not only make films successfully in both Canada and the United States (she is Canadian, so am I), but she also started as a child star and has managed to keep her career going.  She has also expanded her career to include directing and writing! She is all around impressive.

  As an Independent movie actress have you won any awards for any of your work?  I just won my first award actually! I recieved the Golden Cob award for Rising B Movie Actress., I am really excited to attend the B Movie Celebration in September and actually get the award. You can go too! Check out their website for all the details!
  How long have you been filmming movies? I have been working in films for about 2 years now , I took classes for several years before I actually started "working".

  What motivated or influenced you to become an actress?  Actually an employer made me take acting classes to help with my speech (I talk rather quickly some times). So I was kinda forced into it. But I loved it so I ended up taking lots of classes. After a few years of just taking classes my acting coach convinced me to start auditioning. I got some great feedback and loved it so I have been doing it ever since,

  How did you get your start making films?  My acting teacher kept insisting that I audition for "real work", it was with his encouragement that I decided to  persue it professionally.  So I owe a big THANK YOU to Mr. Rick  Mason.
How old were you when you made your first feature film?  It is not polite to ask a lady her age : )  It was a little over 2 years ago...And what was the Title of that film? The Dead Matter. It stars Andy Divoff, Jason Carter and Tom Savini. I have been a fan of Andy's since he starred in the Robert Kurtzman film The Wish Master. In my audition scene the character I was reading for bites the male costar in the scene, so the first words out of my mouth when I walked in the room was to my co star and I literally said -  "Hi, my name is Jessica.  Is it ok if I lick and bite you?". He was totally ok with it (Thanks Chris!). It was in that audition that I knew I had to become a full time actress, the acting bug bit so to speak.
  How many feature films have you already completed?  I have completed 11 feature films thus far. I have another 6 committed to for this year and am in talks for 8 more. I am so blessed and am getting offered some really great roles in wonderful projects.
  What Genres?  Much of what I have done has been horror or sci fi,  Which are my favorite to watch.  They are also a lot of fun to act in, since it is such a surreal environment. I love making the extreme seem real, it is a wonderful challenge.   That being said I have committed to an awesome drama, titled "The Perfect Child".  The script is very strong and so well written. I can not wait to shoot it. I also have some more action and comedy things coming up.... Stay tuned.
  And what were the Titles?  Some of my completed projects include:, Camel Spiders, Resurrection, Mr. hush, Post Morten America 2021, Potpourri, Truth Or Dare 4, Waiting Fear, Helloween, Dream 13, Best Supporting Daddy, The Dead Matter.....Some of the films I have coming up includes:, The Perfect Child, As Though Dead, Blood De Madam, Terminally Single (tv series), Wicked Deeds, Pray To God, Virgin Blood
  Have you had any starring roles in any of the films you have worked on?  In Camel Spiders I have a lead role, Ashley.  She is the tough girl in a group of college kids that find themselves in a dangerous situation., I loved playing her since she keeps it together through out the entire film, no running down to the basement when she hears a noise for this girl!, I also starred in Resurrection.  I played Lenore, a mother who will do whatever it takes to keep her son and friends safe., I am also the female lead in Truth Or Dare 4.  I play Dara, the video vixen who forms an unlikely bond with the male lead.
  Who has been the most notable person so far to work with? and  for what reasons?  I have been so blessed to work with so many great and talented people.  , Camel Spiders was directed by Jim Wynorski who is a legend in the film world. And rightfully so. I learned a lot. He is such a character. He has a very direct way of handling actors, if he doesn't like what you did, believe me you know it! So does everyone else on set., The first time I heard him say "I hated it", I had to giggle to myself quietly since he is so well known for that saying. And then I quickly fixed what I had done that he had hated : ) , I am very excited to work with director Tony Randel, I really enjoyed his last film The Double Born which was very dark and pushed a lot of boundaries., I can not wait to get to that set!

  As an accomplished Actress, whats your take on working with other Actors?
Befriend your costars - it will always help you. And you can always learn something from everyone, even if it is simply what not to do. Also normal people (those not in this business) usually don't get the industry and it's nice to have people that understand your frustrations.
  Which Directors have influenced you the most? and why did they influence you?
As an actress you hear a lot of stories about other sets and how they were run.  So these directors are people whose work I not only admire but also who mutual contacts speak very highly of. Robert Kurtzman. I have been a fan of his work since I saw The Wish Master. His last film, Deadly Impact really impressed me, the opening scene is one of the most intense scenes I have seen in a long time. He is a director who is not afraid to leave his audience in complete and total shock. I have been very fortunate to work on several projects that involved people who work at his studios - Pricinct 13 films. So I have actually gotten to meet him a few times and he is so nice and down to earth. Those that work with him have so many wonderful things to say about him.  It is wonderful how humble and real he is.
Eli Roth. He seems to have such an intense passion for film making,  he started making films at age 8! I was raised to believe that if you work incredibly hard, then anything is possible. He embodies that statement.
I am also a huge fan of his films, I thought each of the Hostel Films pushed the limits of the horror genre in new and crazy ways.
Andy Fickman. He directed one of my favorite films, "Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical". I am not typically a big fan of musicals but his is an exception since it is so funny and clever.
I really enjoy his humour and wit, it shows on the screen.
  What Actors have influenced you the most? and for what reasons?
Sarah Polley for sure. As a child in Canada I grew up watching her on the show "Road to Avonlea". She not only managed to transition from a child star to an adult star gracefully but she did it with fill control.
She has also expanded her skills to include directing and writing. Also we are both Canadian and I understand how challenging it can be to work in both the Canadian and American markets.
The fact that she is also gorgeous and has managed not to be stereotyped is impressive.
Cristina Ricci.  I have been a fan of her work since I was a child. She has a way of humanizing characters that could have seemed unlovable.  She always creates such in depth and rich characters, I enjoy watching her films even if it just to see who she is in them
Nicole Kidman. Her career is filled with an amazingly wide variety of characters and projects.  She is fearless when it comes to scripts, nothing is out of bounds.  I admire her strong screen presence and how she captures her audience. She is also very nice in person, and of course gorgeous.
  Can you tell us what makes Jessica the actress tick?  and what do you enjoy doing when not making films?
I have a wonderful family and a great group of friends. When I am not filming I enjoy spending time with them. They keep me sane. I have a look alike nice with whom I am particularly close, she and her sister are two of my favorite people. They are such characters even through they are only 4 and 5 years old! I have always been very close to my mom and dad, and I love them more then anything.  They have been the two biggest inspirations to me.
It is thanks to them that I have such a strong work ethic (crucial in this business!) and they also raised me to believe that I could achieve anything if I put in the effort. They believe in me and all of my crazy endevers.
I am so blessed to have their love and support.
  Are you an activist? if so what organizations do you work with? I am a big supporter of MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I was captain of OSAID (Ontario Students Against Impared Driving) when I was in highschool, and still a big supporter of that organization as well. I also support independent film when ever possible, so I support groups like MOFA (Mid Ohio FIlm Maker's Association) and SOFA (Southern Ohio Film Maker's Association).
  As an actress which genres of film do you prefer to work in the most? Horror? Each brings a fun, different and exciting challenge. I have to confess that I really love horror films, both watching them and acting in them.
One of the greatest challenges for me as an actor is to make the impossible seem believable.
I (luckily) don't have a direct reference for what it is like to be held hostage, to be hunted by a vampire, etc.
So to make those outrageous stories appear real to an audience you have to really stretch yourself as an actress and go outside of your comfort zone. I do love the physical challenges that action brings and I REALLY want to do more of that since so far I have not had the chance to do any stunt training. A good drama script can often allow an actor to go through multiple character aches, which I really enjoy doing. That being said a good drama script can be hard to find, but I am constantly looking for them! I want to do more comedy, I honestly have not done much of it. I have been told that I am hilarious in real life, but it is completely different when you try to bring that to the screen.
  Whats your own take of the filmaking process?  In my opinion filmaking is an incredibly hard, yet highly rewarding collaborative effort that takes many talented people to achieve a good quality end product.
There are so many important jobs on a film set - director, producer, script supervisor, gaffers, director of photography, etc. It takes all these talented people, working crazy long hours to bring to life their collaborative vision. With the right mix of people magic is created. I am happiest when I am on set, I simply love the crazy family dynamic that is created.
  What do you enjoy most about making films? For me it is about making the audience feel something - I like to reach them on a personal level. I want to touch those that are watching the film, connect with them. It is that connection that helps people get into the movie, and the world that you are creating. I am not a very emotional person in my  real life, so I enjoy the challenge of bringing all my emotions to the screen. I am often guilty of "saving my emotions for the camera". Most of my close friends have only ever seen me cry on screen...
  Jessica as an accomplished actress can you give any advice to the upcoming actresses/actors trying to scratch out their own way into the Media Spotlight?..............Any advice for them starting up? I think the most important thing to remember is to be yourself and not to lie. I see so many actors that lie/embellish/mislead  thinking it will help their careers and in the end it always does the opposite. Trust is crucial to the acting process and if a director and producer can't trust you then they are not going to hire you. This is a small industry and everyone talks,  if you lie then everyone will know. Most people in this business understand that everyone starts
somewhere, its about working your way up. Also if you are in this business for any other reason then passion, don't do it. Reality check - This is a 24 hour a day job, 7 days a week and most actors will spend more money on classes, headshots, etc. then they will ever earn in this industry. You can literally ask my closest friends how often they actually see me when I am not working, or without a lap top in front of me and they will all tell you that it is a rare occurrence. The stories of those that struggle greatly out weigh the stories of those that have received any type of success. And it is incredibly challenging to get rejected on a daily basis and not let it get to you, only passion will enable you to get through it.
  Advice on the process of making a feature film, thru your own experiences? Be patient, prepared, friendly and flexible.  Everything can change on a momentary basis. It is quite common to get new pages of the script that day that you are filming them, for locations to switch, scenes to be delayed, schedules to run over. Remember that as an actor it is our job to be ready for anything.
  And can you give any advice to the Actors working with Directors? LISTEN - to the director, the producers, the dp, etc. Directors are there to help you, to make you the best that you can be.  Also to ALWAYS be prepared.  I can not stress this enough.  It is simply inexcusable for an actor to show up and not be fully prepared.
Have your lines memorized, know your character, have a detailed understanding of the script and do whatever research is necessary for your character and project.
  Lastly Jessica, where do you see yourself ten years from now as an actress?
Still making movies? Do you have any new films in the works?
I never want to stop making movies.  Seriously once the bug bites you, you are bitten for the rest of your life!
For better or worse....I have several great projects coming up, I will share with you a few of the highlights!
I'm going to be working with director Tony Randel(of "Hellraiser 2" fame) on his latest project. His last film, "The Double Born" really pushed boundaries and I really enjoyed the dark, gritty, raw feel that it had.
He has this ability to effect an audience and I can not wait to work with him.
"Blood De Madame" has an amazing cast lined up including Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis, Chuck WIlliams and is going to be directed by Shown Cain.  The script centers around a real life urban legend that people actually believe and this has caused a small town to remain abandoned for years since so many people believe it. We are going to be shooting on location, so it is going to be an adventure for sure!
 "As Though Dead" I get to play a character that is quite different from my actual self, she is an exotic dancer that gets caught in the midst of a crazy situation and she tries to use her street smarts to get out of it.
The cast of characters in this film and how they interact is what really attracted me to this project, it is a great mix.
"Prey to God" is a twisted tale of a cannibalistic family and sadly my character Monica crosses their path once her younger brother goes missing. I am super excited to get to play a strong female lead, she is very much how I would be if I found myself in her situation.
Nope this is not one of those films where the attractive blond goes to the basement when she hears a noise, Monica actually gets to kick some serious ass!
"Terminally Single" is a great sitcom that centers around a group of characters that all attend the same sex help group. My character is a special one, she definitely pushes boundaries and is totally crazy in an awesome way.  This is going to be such fun to shoot, everyone involved is so talented. The writing is really great, fresh and clever.
  And just as a journalistic curve ball, Whats your take on flamingos? I love their feathers...they are a gorgeous shade of blush pink !