Jahn TI ,  (Reggae Artist)

                 "all photos courtesy of   Jhan Ti "


    Jahn TI, aka John Taylor was born in Clarksville TN. After being moved to Houston TX. shortly after birth, he was raised by his single mother who struggled every day to provide a good life for him. She was an inspirational force and taught him how to overcome the obstacles that are thrown at someone in life. He started singing in a church choir at a young age, which is where he first began to learn what his gifts and talents from the Almighty were. Soon after, everyone learned that he was a natural-born entertainer. Jahn TI was a boy who grew up fatherless, so he starved for true guidance. By the age of 14, he started gravitating in the direction of conscious Reggae music.Reggae was coined in Jamaica,which has it's influences in U.S.A. and Africa.The Kings music was speaking to his soul. He was counseled by lyrics from various artists such as Bob Marley,Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Mykal Rose, Ijahman Levi, etc. and through the teachings of H.I.M. This is what he used to develop his character and enhance his moral and spiritual values. Houston has a large Caribbean community, which exposed Jahn TI to live reggae music acts as they passed through town. Acts such as Burning Spear, Culture, Wailing Souls, etc. are some of the first acts that helped to shape and mold Jahn TI, and show him the Rastafarian way of life. In his early 20's, John found himself in a three-part harmony trio named BUFFALO SOLDIER. In 1993, they released VISION OF LOVE, which was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica at the MIXING LAB with the ROOTS RADICS backing. He wrote three songs off the album titled War is Not the Answer (included on the playlist), In the Ghetto, and Road of Life. During this time, they performed at different reggae festivals with large audiences where he shined through with his performance, catching attention from local promoters that led him to even bigger venues, and huge reviews in the press.

      Jahn TI has recently been working with different engineers ,producers, and musicians from Jamaica including Christopher Reid aka Zabrick, Baby Lee, Soljie Cegrica Hamilton, Judia and Joshua Manning (Gappo) who wrote the instrumentals for TRUE LOVE. Jahn Ti also works with the Roots Radics, and Ras Goudie. In the U.S. he is working with Teddy Bishop from Urban Rockstars who has produced for the likes of Toni Braxton, Montell Jordan, Usher, B2K, Johnta Austin, Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Jagged Edge, Letoya Luckett, Dave hollister, Whitney Houston and many, many more.Urban Rockstars have already worked with artist such as Letoya Luckett, I-15 of Zone 4/ Interscope Records, DeepSide of Jive Records, Bobby Valentino, Shareefa of DTP, Monica, London of Universal/ Motown Records, Just A Girl of Rowdy/ Universal Records, Chili of TLC, and many, many more. Jahn Ti's upcoming video will be directed and edited by Scott Sawyer out of the Atlanta area. 

Name? Jahn TI

Hometown? Houston TX.

Where were you raised? Houston TX.

Whats your favorite place to visit? I really don't have a favorite place as of yet. I love seeing and vibezing with all different cultures and people. Of course I love Jamaica. I would love to visit Ethiopia.

Whats your Favorite Movies? The Green Mile , Sherlock Holmes, Harder They Come,Country Man

Whats your favorite TV shows? I dont really watch too much TV. 

Your favorite color? All colors

What makes Jahn TI tick? My family

Whats your music venue?  Reggae R&B

Do you play any instruments? Piano

Bandmembers Names? If any and How Many? and instruments? I work with Joshua Manning from JA. (he's part of the Abbysinian family) He tours with Beres Hammond. I have also worked with The Roots Radics. And Ras Brass. 

Who are what influnced you to start singing?  A few  influences of course Bob Marley along with Michael Rose. Their lyrical content is what helped me to naturally progress towards getting an opportunity to express myself through singing . what year? about 1989, I started to recording  and learning about the music business. I began to get experience through performing live shows. Where did you  first practice? Live shows, small tours in the U.S.

How did your name come about? Is Jahn your Band name?  My real name is John Taylor so We changed the spelling to reflect my higher power Jah,and T is a reflection of my surname hence the name Jahn T.I. My loved ones began calling me Jahn T., I added the I from the Rasta terminology meaning as one. (all people are as one) I&I

What was your first true gig?  At a local reggae club in TX. I used to hop onstage and sing a few songs. And how was the experince? It was a learning experience.

What has been your most memorable Gig and why so?  I played in front of 10,000 people at a Bob Marley festival. and why so? Because I felt connected to the audience for the first time and fed off the energies.

What do you do when not playing and how do you unwind after a heavy Gig? Write songs , hang out with my family, race my  bicycle, draw, reasoning with my bredrens. and how do you unwind after a heavy Gig? Like all artists I have my medicines.

Whats your dream Gig?  Whats your goals?  I'd like to play Madison square garden or Red Rocks.  To finish the album next month and  release my video and promote it  on National T.V. ,  I also want to heavily promote the upcoming album . I am in negotiation with some major labels. I'm also looking forward to touring at the end of the summer.

What other bands/singers do you relate to? I have alot of influences.. I relate to the likes of Bob Marley,Ijahman Levi, Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown, Black Uhuru, In other genres I relate to Marvin Gaye, Temptations, Jim Morrison, Tupac , Scott Weiland. Im very open minded to music and the art involved. I believe  It's a gift from the Almighty.

What is the hardest thing about being a singer and whats the best part of it?  Getting heard , getting the music out there. Best part is,  connecting with fans

 Have you toured much? Not a whole lot, Im just re-entering the business, and Im blessed to be given the chance to swiftly get  some cool songs together. Im looking forward to touring as a result of dropping the upcoming album.  

What was your first song? War Is Not The Answer 1991. Whats your best song? Im one of those people who don't focus on just one song. All my songs mean something different to me,and each have a place in my heart. Do you write your own music and lyrics? yes

Whats your title album/CD ? Im thinking about calling my first album "The Journey"

Are you signed/unsigned? Unsigned ,Is your music being sold anywhere?  I have a distribution deal going with Best Buy. You will also be able to find it on itunes and all the downloadable sources

Just for a journalistic curve ball, whats your take on chinese-food-take-out?? I dont eat take out, We cook fresh food at home.

                                  ~ Jahn Ti, May 2010