Ruins Of Tomorrow

  Hailing from the state Colorado, Ruins of Tomorrow delivers a sound that is as heavy as the infamous mountains that frame the band’s native state. Combining the driving rhythms of hardcore with the technicality of death metal, this sextet has crafted out a unique niche in the Colorado scene, sharing the stage with acts as diverse as In the Midst of Lions, Carnifex and Fear Before. It is perseverance that is the groups’ defining characteristic though, as they have continued on through numerous member changes and more than a few “bad shows.” Poised to release their debut EP, and embark on two separate tours in the summer of 2010, Ruins of Tomorrow are only looking forward, determination in their eyes and a monumental sound to propel them forward.


  Front Man?  Since we have two vocalists, it's difficult to really designate a "front man" position in that area, but Trax is probably the "front man" since he is the only remaining original member and one of the vocalists.
  Band introduction?  There are 6 of us , Trax Henderson - Vocals,  Kyle Kelley - Vocals,  Ricky Casdorph - Guitars,  Justing Theilke - Guitars,  Dan Adkins - Bass,  Teddy Franco - Drums.  
  Who started the band in what year and where did you guys first practice?  Trax, and ex-guitarist Zak Gallegos, started a band called The Amaranth (really shitty band by the way), fall of 2006.

  How did your bands name come about?  Ruins of Tomorrow , was a name another of our ex guitarists (Jeff Markle) came up with.  At the time, about 2 years ago, we were more of a metalcore type of band and we wanted a name that reallly brought that idea to the forefront.  But since we decided to take a heavier route and change to death metal/hardcore, the name stayed the same but the meaning completely changed.  Ruins of Tomorrow is a name that has a symbolic meaning for the evil things that mankind does.  The name carries a connotation that humans, though neither inherintly good nor evil, will bring about their own personal ruination - on a personal and even a global scale.

  What was your first gig? And how was the experince?  haha, our first "true" gig was in the fall of '06 and it was at a local venue called Higher Grounds at the time.  I had never been a frontman in my life, let alone been in a metal band so I was kind of intimidated.  Also, at this point we hadn't really established a genre of music that we could all agree on, so our style was... unorthodox.  Anyways, we were the first band to open, and we were absolutely awful.  The crowd was NOT into it, and it was hard to walk away from that show with any dignity, but I can tell you we learned a LOT!  If anything, that show sparked something in me and my bandmates, and it made us want to be better, and continue to grow musically and even personally. 

  What has been your most memorable Gig? and why so?  Oh man, this is such a hard question because there have been so many shows we've played that have had so many situations that just stood out.  I guess for me, my most memorable gig that we've played  was at a show in Denver at a place called The Marquis.  We were playing with Liferuiner, and there were a bunch of tough looking hardcore and metal dudes with their arms folded in the crowd waiting for the show to start.  We opened, and within the first 30 seconds of our opening song, kids went NUTS!!  The part that really freaked me out was watching kids - kids I have never even met, screaming the words to what I wrote.  Just a crazy feeling.  That's probably the first show I saw that happen, and it's just stuck with me ever since.
  What do you guys do when not playing? and how do you unwind after a heavy Gig?  When we're not playing, we each have our own things we do.  Half of us are finishing our college degrees, and everyone has jobs.  Teddy has his own techno side project called Rager Robbit.  And if it's a local show, we all unwind and get breakfast at Village Inn.  If it's on tour, or out of town, we all reflect on the show and discuss what went well and what we could work on.  Even in our down time, we are still working on ROT haha.
  Whats your dream Gig?  Whats your bands goals?  I think as a band, if we were to play with bands like Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder, Between  the Buried and Me, and the Acacia Strain, we'd all be pretty happy haha.  But as a band, our goals have realy just to have fun and give something kids love and can relate to.

  What other bands/singers do you relate to?  As a vocalist I have been influenced by all sorts of other vocalists from other genres.  Singers like Brandon Schieppati from Bleeding Through, and Stephen Jenkins from Third Eye Blind have had an immense impact on my lyrical writing.  But as a band, we all draw influences from bands like Whitechapel, Veil of Maya, Acacia Strain, among others.

  What is the hardest thing about being in a band? And whats the best part of it?  The hardest thing is that it's like a second job that you don't get paid for haha.  The best part is definitely the rewards of all that work - getting shows booked, playing great shows, all the songs we make and record - we just love doing what we do. 

  Can you tell us some places and spots Ruins of Tomorrow  has toured ?  Just had our first tour this past spring, and we "toured" Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and New Mexico.  The rest of our tour was stopped short due to van problems.  That's a whole 'nother story haha.
  What was your first song? Whats your best song? Do you write your own music and lyrics?  Whats your bands title album/CD ?  Our very first song that we recorded that had a good reception was called Surgery is a Door Prize.  Our best song (currently) is probably False Sense of Immortality.  Yes, we write all of our own music and lyrics.  And our debut EP is about to be realeased this summer and it's going to be called "In This Horror."
  Are you guys signed/unsigned, where can we pick up your music? Currently, we are unsigned, but as soon as we drop our EP, we'll be selling our stuff on Itunes and wherever else we can.  But as of right now, people can buy our demo on our merch store page off our myspace page.  Here's the link.

  Just for a journalistic curve ball, whats your take on sea lions?  Sea lions?  Well, I would never flog one haha.  But I think they're pretty gnarly!  Not much for a death metal muse though haha.