V.K. Lynne


Name?  VK Lynne

Hometown?  Birdsboro, PA

Where were you raised?  Birdsboro, PA

Whats your favorite place to visit?  Denmark...I made my new CD there, and I loved the beauty of the country, and the history of Copenhagen...and the pastries.:)

Whats your Favorite Movies?  V for Vendetta, Lolita, A A Hard Day's Night and Raising Arizona

Whats your favorite TV shows?  Miami Vice, Prison Break, Deadwood

Your favorite color?  RED!!!!

What makes VK Lynne tick?  God. Pure and simple. He gives me the reason and the rhyme, I just believe- fortunately, that's all He asks.

Whats your music venue?  Rock and blues...My music is a black and white milkshake of the 2.

Do you play any instruments VK?   Guitar- although I'm working on my piano skills...

Bandmembers Names? If any and how many?  I have a rotating crew of hired guys that back me...My drummer's been Jake Hayden for about 3 years now. Anne Seidler (keys) and Eric Holden (bass) have been with me for awhile, and Alex Knoll has been holding down the lead guitar as of late.:)


Who and what influnced you to start singing? what year? Where did you  first practice?   I always sang- maybe from the womb. But I started singing in earnest when I was 12- I was in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar and realized that I wanted to be able to belt out the rockers...So I began that way, singing  along to show tunes and the radio: Superstar, Les Mis , and Chess, and Skid Row,  Guns n Roses, and Melissa Etheridge.

How did your name come about? Is VK Lynne your Band name?  I usually tell promoters: "VK Lynne is my name- kind of  like kd lang".  It's origin is a story for another day:).

What was your first true gig? And how was the experience?   I banged around solo with my acoustic for a bit, but with a full band? I'd have to say around '98, at The Fire in Philadelphia, where I was living at the time. That was a great night, the whole world seemed to come out for it, the band was a bunch of dudes from Jersey that I'd been jamming with, and the feeling was electric- I knew there was no turning back from that point.

What has been your most memorable Gig? and why so?   The House of Blues on Sunset opening for Cross Canadian Ragweed.  It was a Friday night on the main stage, and the place was packed; it was the first time a dressing room door said "VK Lynne" and the fridge was stocked with beer- we were rockstars:) Folks assumed the opener would be male, and when the curtain came up the girls in the front row started murmuring  "Look, it's a girl!!! It's a girl!" And I leaned down, gave them the metal horns and said "Thats' right, it's a girl m@therf%@krs!!!" They cheered and we were off- what a crazy night...:)

What do you do when not playing? and how do you unwind after a heavy Gig?   When I'm not playing, I'm working. Writing songs, keeping up with the fans on Facebook, and I write and direct a webisode called Trading on 15.  After a big one, I always want greasy food..I know that's terrible, but I do, a plate of French fries, a grilled cheese sandwich and a chocolate milkshake...I don't always get it, but that's usually what I want...otherwise, I post mortem with my husband and have a beer and turn off the brain for an hour or so..:)

Whats your dream Gig?  Whats your goals?   I'd love to play Roskilde in DK.  My goal is to record, tour and write as long as possible, and involve myself in as much philanthropic work as possible- Especially relating to abused women and children.

What other bands/singers do you relate to?    Melissa Etheridge was a big part of why I became a songwriter; her music has always spoken to me. Beth Hart - I'm definitely breathing her air ...My favorite bands are Nightwish from Finland, followed by Train and Extreme.

What is the hardest thing about being a singer? And whats the best part of it?   Hardest- Wanting to be able to perform every day and not being able to yet.  Best- Knowing that someone, somewhere is hearing me perform every day- even if it's only on mp3.:)

Have you toured much? Name some spots ?  Just the SoCal vicinity- but I'm itching to hit the East Coast and Scandinavia- I have absolutely amazing fans both places, and my goal is to get to them this year.

What was your first song? Whats your best song? Do you write your own music and lyrics?   My first song was 'Baby', and I can't believe the legs that thing has had. When I was promoting Black Halo, the CD it was on 3 years ago, one college radio station told me that they had requests for it every night for a solid year.  God bless Rich Briggs at Nichols for playing that!    My best song...it's a toss up between Whiskey or Water and Sunday. Lyrically, I think Whiskey or Water really exemplifies who I am as a songwriter. However Sunday is the most musically complex of my songs. I do write all my own music and lyrics, often at the most unexpected times:).


Whats your title album/CD ?  Whiskey or Water

Are you signed/unsigned? Is your music being sold anywhere, if so give links ?   I am unsigned as of now, but I'm open to ideas:). My music can be bought here:



Just for a journalistic curve ball, whats your take on Lions?  They get a bad rap...yes, they did eat some Christians, but I don't think it was theological differences; I think they were just hungry.