Dead Harvey

05/14/2010 21:38


Dead Harvey is a resource for both independent horror filmmakers and fans.  Dead Harvey was started up a few years back by Ted Stanford,  Brad Paulson and Aaron Burk.  The three met while attending film school at Montana State University.  Brad and Aaron are currently living in L.A. and  Ted Stanford is up in Vancouver, BC.  Brad and Aaron are indie horror filmmakers, having written and directed a few films themselves including “The Bloodstained Bride”, “Evil Ever After” and “The Van”.  Ted is an aspiring screenwriter and indie horror enthusiast and works in marketing and advertising.  After many trials and tribulations in the indie horror world, the three of them decided to create a site that would act as a community to help indie and independant  filmmakers navigate the industry, as well as help promote indie horror projects.  Dead Harvey aspires to keep people informed of new developments in the Hollywood Bussiness industry, as well as bringing attention to new and worthy independent horror films and film festivals.