Timo Rose,   Director # 2

Director Timo Rose pictured here with his beautiful Girlfriend,  Magdalena Kalley.


Timo Rose onset doing what he does best

making great horror films.


            " all photos courtesy (C)  Timo Rose"


   Doug Diggs traveled the world in his Quest to find the Top 6 Independent Movie Makers of 2006.  Timo Rose is a multi Award winning Filmaker from Germany who has made dozens of  independent Horror films and has been dubbed the "German Goremaster"  I had written a review on his 2009 horror film "Game Over", which starred none other than the scream Queen legend, "Debbie Rochon"  needless to say I was dam impressed with his work.  Mr. Rose is a pretty cool guy and seems to be fairly open when it comes to discussing his movies,  after many years in the film making bussiness Director Timo Rose has already churned out several solid Horror films with much success. 


Name ? Timo Rose

Place Born ?  Seesen - Germany

Place Grew Up? Langelsheim - Germany

Whats your favorite Place to Visit?  Where the sun is shining

Your Favorite Color? Red

Favorite Sport?  Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do & Karate

Your Eye Color?  Brown

Whats your favorite kind of Music? ALL, if its good

Are you Married or Single? in a relationship

Where did you attend School?  Langelsheim, Goslar, Bad Harzburg

Whats your favorite Movie(s) ?  I have too many fav's !!

 Whats your Favorite TV Show?  DEXTER

Did you study to become a filmaker? If so what School?  NOPE

Who are your Idols?  And why are they  your idols?  Rocky Balboa from ROCKY, Nelson Mandela and me myself an I:))) LOL

As an Award winning filmaker, what did you win Awards for? Which Movie(s)? and from where did you receive your Awards? what year(s)?  Golden glibb Award in 2004/2005,  Weekend of Fear Best movie, lead actress for GAME OVER (2009 Haunted Horror International Film Festival,  USA) Game Over won 7 Awards in a row

Timo, pic left with cast members                                   Movie maker Timo Rose

How long have you been making movies, what motivated or influenced you to become a filmaker?  How did you get your start making films and how old were you when you made your first feature film, what was the films Title?  I started making short films at the age of 10 or 11,  I saw films like "An American Werewolf in London",  and "Poltergeist"  at the age of six years - thats the story. I did my first 75 mins feature at the age of 13.  That flick was called "The Incomprehensible". 

How many feature films have you already completed? What Genres? And what were the Titles?  There are so many, I directed "Barricade" ,  "Beast" ,  "Fearmakers" , "Mutation Series", "Midnights Calling" , "Moonlight Mountain" - I think more than 20 films now  most of them are horrorfilms.

How many films have you worked on, if any besides your own films? Have you worked with any other Directors and if so how was the experince?  Who has been the most notable person so far to work with? and  for what reasons? I worked with other directors like olaf ittenbach, andreas schnaas, German director Peter Thorwarth, "Mike Mendez" is in one of my movies etc... as an actor I was in giovanni piagnigianis "Darkness Surrounds Roberta" which was shot in Italy. I also did the special effects for the movie. Most notable persons (i like most) are Mike Mendez and Andreas Schnaas and Marc Rohnstock!  They are great: true friends and great people! I also have a special appearance in Marc Rohnstocks "Necronos - Tower of doom".



As an Award winning Director, whats your take on working with Actors? have you worked with any known stars? If so how was the experince? who were the stars?  What's a Star? Hollywood Stars? No... everyone you work with as an director is a star for you because you choose them. Stars for me aren't Names. Stars for me are professional actors with heart, passion and the right vision. If  i`d have to name some I could name:  Magdalena Kalley,  Joe Davison ,  Joe Zaso,  Raine Brown,  Nicola Fiore  or  Debbie Rochon.  But I also have Names like Judith O'dea (Night of the living Dead),  Mike Mendez (The Convent, Killers, Gravedancers)  or  Dan van Husen (Hart's War, Nosferau) , Xenia Seeberg (Lexx- the dark zone etc) or Lloyd Kaufman in my movies. Everyone I worked with is a professional on set! 
Being a German Filmaker whats your take on American films? (Do you enjoy them? Do you find them any different from German films?) example how different is a German Horror film made as opposed to an  American horror film? Is there a difference to you? What types of American films do you enjoy the most? Whats your favorite American film?

I love american films but I also love French films or Spanish and Italian ones. Its not very different: you only have different looking locations and different speaking people :) ... working on an american horrorfilm and working on a german horrorfilm is the same work. I love and enjoy american films like "Arlington Road" or "Iron Man " - I like and love lots of american films or better: I love lots of films from lots of countries. I love horror, drama, thriller, comedy etc - when the film is good and knows how to catch me...the film wins ! :)
 Which Directors have influenced you the most? and why did they influence you? What Actors have influenced you the most?  and for what reasons?

When I was younger films like "the killer" from director john woo" or " american werewolf" influenced me most... Actors: Bruce Campbell, De Niro, Pacino, Edward Norton, Robin Williams etc.
 Can you tell us what makes Timo Rose tick? (what makes you want to be a filmaker? and why? and what do you enjoy doing when not making films?

What makes Timo Rose tick?! uhm...that's easy to say:  my heart! :) I love what I do. And when I am not doing films I love to work on my music-project "KING & PRINZESSA" together with my girlfriend Magdalena Kalley. She is damn fucking great, a good singer and actress too. She was in some great Musicals like "Phantom of the Opera" or "Grease". And she is damn nice :) Good person, professional singer and actress and full of passion ! And I enjoy eating, watching television, hanging around, walking around etc. 
 How has the German audience and American audiences reacted to your films and Style of filmaking? How about the Media? Are you an activist? if so what organizations do you work with?

I think they love it. In the past years i got so many emails, calls etc from fans and they were saying that they love my style of filmmaking. what can be better than that?! that makes me happy and very proud!
 As a Filmaker which genres of film do you prefer to work in the most, whats your own take of the filmaking process? is it hard? easy? a struggle? a pleasure? What do you enjoy most about making films?

Every genre! I love making movies and I love beeing a filmmaker. mostly I did horror films but I also directed a comedy or directed a television show called "mission MTV" and I shot music videos. I love working - that's all. it's hard sometimes but mostly a pleasure! I enjoy the feeling on set - familiar... different people... you get new friends... it's harder to see what happened when a film is done. first you thought you got friends on set and later you see that you went wrong and they aren't friends. in pre-production everyone want's to be your best friend after post you only hear: "uhm no, thought my scene was longer" - "where is this take, where is the other take" - and sometimes those people are backstabbing you or badmouthing you if you say to them: No sorry, but I will choose another cast for my next project, next time maybe" ... I mean you can't work with the same faces over and over again. I say to myself: okay, next film: no... film I will do after that one: yes... but some people do not understand and they take it personal. and than you can feel that filmmaking can hurt you lots. You never know before but you can feel later. Do you know the song: Love hurts? true...but filmmaking also!
 As an accomplished filmaker how has it been to find Distribution for your films? Do you currently have any films signed with major or minor Distributors? Whats your take on the whole process of Distribution?

Sometimes it is hard and sometimes not. I'm happy to have some pre-sale deals with some labels. we worked together so they know that they can earn money with my movies. And that's how it works. For some new films we are working on some contracts with major distributors around the globe. We'll see what happened, right? otherwise it's the same process like every time: get a movie finaced - do the post - try to find a distributor.
 Mr. Rose as a multi Award winning  Movie Maker and Director, can you give any advice to the upcoming Directors trying to scratch out their own way into the Media Spotlight? Any advice for them starting up? Working with actors? Advice on the process of making a feature film, thru your own experiences? and can you give any advice to the Actors working with Directors?

hah...Go your own way and follow your vision and your ideas! don't give up and believe in yourself. Find some names, actors, investors etc - find good cast and crew...have a good script and than...do it!
As an actor you have to see the directors vision and you have to feel it. than focus the character and than all will be good. The actor must trust the director and when the actor does not understand what director wants he/ she has to ask. and do not work with friends you really need real actors. If the actors become your friends than you can work with those "friends" too...for sure! :)

 Lastly Mr. Rose, where do you see yourself ten years from now as a filmaker? Still making movies? Do you have any new films in the works? And just as a journalistic curve ball, Whats your take on Western films?

Where do I see myself in ten years?!  good question... i'm still making movies. I have lots of films in the works,  next big thing is "BARRICADE 2" and later in 2010 I will shoot the thriller/drama "A WOMANS LOVE" starring Magdalena Kalley.
Western Films...  I really love "the wild bunch" etc... good genre too.


                         - Timo Rose,  May 2010