The Spook Movie

05/19/2010 02:52

  Film 1 Studios Motion Picture Company Announces the Upcoming Release of its newest slasher Horror film

                                                             The Spook Movie


Film 1 Studios Motion Picture Company is preparing for its upcoming DVD release of  The Spook Movie,  winner of seven fest awards and 2009 winner for, Best Horror Picture and Audience Choice Horror Film at the 2009 Haunted Horror International Film Festival. The films much anticipated release is scheduled for late 2010.

  Quinton Rodriques is a living breathing Monster who is full Hate. And in this story, Hate has no forgiveness as a mental patient locked away for over ten years has escaped and returns home to the tiny Island of Ty, Ty, Georgia and begins a murderous rampage thru-out the tiny island where his roots began, leaving only death and destruction in his wake, he wonders the tiny island town forcing his rage on anyone he encounters. The small town police are no match for the cunning wit and brutal force left in his walking massacre. Armed with only his wits the sheriff and a two man police force are left to defend the tiny town and bring down the walking mass of sheer terror and destruction known only as The Spook.


"this is a very good horror film thats different from most slashers"
  " a homage film with a twist thats a throw back to the  80's slasher films"   - Vinny Castronelli
"david daze puts a violent, but kool spalsh on 70-80s  slasher  films"  -Killme &  thrillme  Classics


  Starring : Warren W. Hogan, Tana Banks, Brandon Kamus, David Daze, Brandi Boone and Alyce Blondale. The DVD is expected to contain the Making of  The Spook Movie featuring commentary by Writer-Director, David Daze and Full-length Commentary with members of the The Spook Movie and much more.

   Film 1 Studios Motion Picture Company is the only film production facility in Augusta Ga.. It has produced such films as DeMon, Kill Whitey, Street Godz Of War II, Horrorville, Final Cut : Blades of Fury, and The Gunfighters Last Stand. In addition to the upcoming release of  The Spook Movie the company also has plans to release DVD's of Horrorville, Final Cut and The Gunfighters Last Stand for late 2010, and as expected the company has started production on The Tree House Gang, Gunfighters Ally, Under Darkness and Under a Cherokee Moon. All films have been written and directed by David Daze and produced by Film 1 Studios Motion Pictures Company. Nearing its release The Spook Movie is growing in popularity and has been well received by Horror Critics around the world,  The Spook Movie has further added to the success of  Film 1 Studios Motion Picture Company’s indie film efforts. The upcoming release's of  The Spook Movie and The Gunfighters Last Stand and the upcoming productions of  Under Darkness and Gunfighters Ally is sure to continue that success and further the growth of  Film 1 Studios Motion Pictures as a prominent respected independent film production company.

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