The Gunfighters Saga

05/20/2010 00:46

Film 1 Studios Motion Picture Company presents its newest Western Film

                                          The American Gunfighters Saga

                                             The Gunfighters Last Stand


     Film 1 Studios Motion Picture Company is preparing for its upcoming DVD release of   "The American Gunfighters Saga" ,  The  Gunfighters Last Stand . This western movie is based on an Award winning script by writer David Daze at the 2010 Directors Cut Screeplay Festival,  and filmmed in several beautiful  locations including Atlanta Ga, Waynesboro Ga, Gibson Ga, Hepzibah Ga, Barnwell S.C. ,Helen Ga, Harlem Ga, Aiken S.C. and at the famed Film 1 Studios in Augusta Ga. This film has already made official selection at The Hollywood Action Film Festival and at the Action On Action International Film Festival.  The films much anticipated release is scheduled for late 2010. This film already has a legion of  fans who have been there over the entire course of filming from pre-production to finished copy. 
       In 1885,  the south is just rebuilding itself from the wrath of the Civil War, when the small sleepy town of  Pinetucky ga, becomes a bloody battle field as twelve  hardened gunfighters ride in from the west, in search of  two elusive gunfighters (Rio Pinion and Rooster Hollander) who have been hiding out and have taken control over the small town of  Pinetucky. As Roosters former gang begins riding into town. Gunfights start to errupt thru-out town and the out-gunned Sheriff  (Big Hoss)  is destined to meet his final fate, but with the help of a few gunslingers and two unlikely gunfighters (Shane "sixkiller" Madsen and Colt Rivers) who have also ridden into town to collect bounties on Rio and Rooster the small town under gunned Sheriff may have a fighting chance for redemption before the climatic gunbattle errupts.



"this is how westerns were once made, with great story,  great performances

     -and stuffed full of solid over the top action packed shootouts! 

 theres no doubt, director david daze delivers raw solid entertainment

                                            -with one helluva punch in this film"  - Danny Onforo


 "WILD, STUNNING and FAST,  -Hands down, with out-a-doubt,

                  -this western film, talks the talk and walks the walk ! - Doug Diggs


 "director david daze has single handedly returned the  american western epic

           - back to us  on a sliver platter with the most entertaining and most original

              western film  I've seen in  five decades. -Jeb Gunner Smith, old west critic


    Starring : Michael E. Brown, Warren W. Hogan, David Daze, L.Ashley Evans, T.C. Bronson, Steve Warren, Roger Letizia and introducing Justin Riddick, Natalia Lewis, and Alyce Blondale. The DVD is expected to contain the Making of  The Gunfighters Last Stand by multi-award winning Writer-Director, David Daze and exclusive interviews with cast members and a photo gallery. "The Gunfighters Last Stand" myspace page below.

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   Film 1 Studios Motion Picture Company is the only film production facility in Augusta Ga.. It has produced such films as DeMon, Kill Whitey, Street Godz Of War II, Horrorville, Final Cut : Blades of Fury, and Hellz Gate Riderz. In addition to the upcoming release of  The Spook Movie the company also has plans to release DVD's of Horrorville, Final Cut and The Gunfighters Last Stand for late 2010, and as expected the company has started production on The Tree House Gang, Gunfighters Ally, Under Darkness and Under a Cherokee Moon. All films have been written and directed by multi award winning writer and director, David Daze and produced by Film 1 Studios Motion Pictures Company. Nearing its release The Gunfighters Last Stand is growing in popularity and has been well received by film Critics around the world,  The Gunfighters Last Stand, has further added to the success of  Film 1 Studios Motion Picture Company’s indie film efforts. The upcoming release's of  The Spook Movie and The Gunfighters Last Stand and the upcoming productions of  Under Darkness and Gunfighters Ally is sure to continue that success and further the growth of  Film 1 Studios Motion Pictures as a prominent respected independent film production company.

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