Hates Haunted Slay Ride

05/18/2010 23:40

Visual Experiences Motion Picture Company Announces the Upcoming Release of

                                           " Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride"


   Visual Experiences Motion Picture Company in association with Crystal Visions Entertainment Releasing is preparing for its upcoming DVD release of Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride, a sequel to last year’s 2009 winner for Best New Jersey Feature Film at the Rutgers University Film Festival, Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie.  This much anticipated release is scheduled for early 2010.

  Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride is currently available for pre-order at
www.warrenfdisbrow.com.  Additional information about the films release can be found at www.myspace.com/hauntedslayridemovie.
  Once again, Hate, a newly born supernatural killer, is wreaking havoc in New Jersey.  After a brutal and murderous rampage on Halloween, Hate has set his sights on testing the powers of good versus evil during the holiday season, and not even Santa is safe!  Follow the manhunt for this fiendish villain through the eyes of detectives, victims of the Halloween massacre, and members of the Jewish faith as they all fight the greatest challenge of their lives against an evil so pure, it is simply called Hate.

The DVD is expected to contain cast and crew interviews, the Making of Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride featuring commentary by Writer-director Warren F. Disbrow, Full-length Commentary with members of the Cast of Slay Ride and much more.

   Visual Experiences Motion Picture Company is the only film production facility in New Jersey.  It has produced such films as Flesh Eaters from Outer Space, Invasion for Flesh and Blood (featuring Marilyn Ghigilotti from Clerks), Scarlet Moon and Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie.  In addition to the upcoming release of Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride, the company also has plans to release on DVD Dark Beginnings, a second installment to Scarlet Moon, and is expected to start pre-production on The Haunting of Holly House later this year.  All films have been written, directed, and produced by Warren F. Disbrow.  The release of Hate’s Haunted Slay Ride and growing popularity of Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie has further added to the success of Visual Experiences Motion Picture Company’s indie film efforts.  The upcoming release of Dark Beginnings and production of Holly House is sure to continue that success and further the growth of Visual Experiences as a prominent independent film production company.

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