Website launched

05/07/2010 19:24

Our new website has been launched today. This is my new website and as you can see "I'VE WENT GREEN", so this new website should promote "healthy living and a clean enviroment".  That should impress all the Yuppies, Health Nuts, Enviromentalists, Tree Huggers, and I even devoted a page to Pets, called "Diggs Pet of the Week", this should really impress the Animal Lovers.  I opened 2010 with a brand spanking new website and walked away from my previous website and ex-partner who turned out to be nothing but a couch potato and skirt chaser with way to much empty time to kill.  People who spend 80% of their everyday life doing nothing just don't mix with me. I'm a go-geter who's always working the next angle, and thats why I became a media reporter. Yes people, I report things! I'm Certified! But whats my real angle you ask? Its simple, I report what flacky reporters don't, your typical reporter only reports what every other reporter is reporting.....Ha, not me I go after the REAL Stories about real people, example why report on a big time movie Director (that all reporters are working on already) when I can report on the hottest and newest upcoming Independant Directors thats cutting their way into the mainline machine of Entertainment Bussiness. Case in point, check out my latest interview with Director David Daze, he's a hot ticket right now, and he gets hotter by the day.  The guy cranks out feature film after feature film, has won a slew of awards to back his work and is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.  You can surf my website and find tons of great interviews with people: actors, directors, models,bands, who one day will be dominating the major headlines of mainstream media.