Billy Garberina Films

05/18/2010 23:52


Three New Films from Billy Garberina

Rags, May 2010 (feature)

Director: Krist Rifty

Producer: Billy Garberina

Cast: Raine Brown (Barricade) Vanelle (Psycho Holocaust)

Synopsis: 4 amphetamine addicts in a run down meth lab deal with more than they bargained for when they cross an old gypsy woman with mysterious powers.


Title: The Righteous & The Wicked (feature)

Director: Craig Butler

Producer: Peter Fishburn

Billy: Director of Photography, 2nd Unit Director, Lead actor

Cast: Billy Garberina (Stink Of Flesh), Jeremy Owen (Feeding The Masses), Phil Duran (Stiffed)

Synopsis: A motley crew of cattle rustlers and gunfighters plan the heist of a lifetime. Unbeknown to all, a shadowy figure stalks the leader of the gang seeking justice for a long forgotten crime.


Title: Stiffed

Director: Billy Garberina (feature)

Producer: Peter Fishburn

Cast: Jamison Jontry (Necroville), Kevin Santry (The Wedding Slashers), Phil Duran (Black), Jason Witter (Pretty Dead Things) Paul Alsing (Defective Man)

Synopsis: 3 low rent thugs die in a botched bank robbery. A stripper turned cult leader manages to raise them from the dead to continue an unlife of crime. A pulpy crime noir, with zombies!



Title: I Heart You (feature)

Director: Billy Garberina

Producer: Raine Brown, Billy Garberina

Cast: Raine Brown (Sculpture), Billy Garberina (Gimme Skelter)

Synopsis: Mr. and Mrs. Smith meets Silence of the Lambs when a typical bored married couple finds they aren’t sharing a very dark hobby the have a common interest in. Murderous highjinks ensue.



Title: Rotgut, June 2010 (feature)

Director: Billy Garberina

Producer: Devin O’Leary

Cast: TBA

Synopsis: Barfly meets The Thing when 9 neighborhood alcoholics are trapped in the local watering hole by something intent on picking them off one by one. Little do they know it is the evil inside that is their greatest enemy.