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05/20/2010 13:29
  KERBEROS Written and Directed by Kely McClung Starring Kely McClung, Robert Pralgo, Stan Harrington,and introducing Whitney Sullins     THE MOVIE   KERBEROS is a feature film shot with a micro-crew on a micro-budget, yet has a huge cast, over 70 locations, a truly memorable...

The Gunfighters Saga

05/20/2010 00:46
Film 1 Studios Motion Picture Company presents its newest Western Film...

The Spook Movie

05/19/2010 02:52
  Film 1 Studios Motion Picture Company Announces the Upcoming Release of its newest slasher Horror...

Billy Garberina Films

05/18/2010 23:52
  Three New Films from Billy Garberina Rags, May 2010 (feature) Director: Krist Rifty Producer: Billy Garberina Cast: Raine Brown (Barricade) Vanelle (Psycho Holocaust) Synopsis: 4 amphetamine addicts in a run down meth lab deal with more than they bargained for when they cross an old gypsy...

Hates Haunted Slay Ride

05/18/2010 23:40
Visual Experiences Motion Picture Company Announces the Upcoming Release of...


05/14/2010 23:03
This website seems to be a solid source of indie movie making, as I searched the various websites to gain access into the indie film making world for my research, this site seemed a wealthy  resource site with a comprehensive database on the varibles of making an indie film, ( it...

Danny's Drive-In Movie Reviews

05/14/2010 22:46
This guy (Danny Onforo) has a fairly large data base of movies he has reviewed, and after reading over dozens in my research he seems to be a viable reviewer, the websites primary focus is on ACTION FILMS , catering to B-Movies and Indie films in the Drive-In movies Grind House Traditions.

Polly Staffle

05/14/2010 22:40
 Great resource site for film reviews and movie related entertainment they also have film festivals and the website is dedicated to horror, independent and low budget films and movie making , ... POLLYSTAFFLE.COM NAMES 50 FAVORITE FILMS OF THE DECADE. POLLYSTAFFLE.COM

Movies Made Me Do It

05/14/2010 22:05
Great source of movie reviews, these guys have written reviews on anything and everything. Although Horror is their primary, they still cover movies from sci-fi to westerns and have an extensive data base filled with informative well written movie reviews and facts about the various films they...

Dead Harvey

05/14/2010 21:38
  Dead Harvey is a resource for both independent horror filmmakers and fans.  Dead Harvey was started up a few years back by Ted Stanford,  Brad Paulson and Aaron Burk.  The three met while attending film school at Montana State University.  Brad and Aaron are...
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